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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Well, today was infinitely depressing.

I spent all day packing up my books to sell, and crying the entire time. I realized that I haven't voluntarily parted with a book in something like seven years. This is like a physical pain. I am a complete book junkie. I feel like I am selling my children.

But I need the money badly. I can get the much needed apartment (this has become an emergency situation, as some of you know) if I can just come up with enough money. Selling the books isn't going to get me anywhere near what I need...but it's a start. I'm running out of time. Sigh.

Used bookstores are notorious for not paying what they should for books, but I guess I've got no other alternative at this point. Wee. If any of you would like to give some of my books a good home, and help out my worthy cause at the same time, come find me. We can call it the Save the Zombie Fund.

Ugh. I hate myself right now.

My books! Fuck.

Okay. Sorry.

I should go now, and put my head in the garbage disposal.

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