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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Well, yesterday was a bit interesting.

I sold off a few of my books, but they weren't dearly important ones...the guy at the Dawn Treader didn't want half of what I had brought with me. I suppose I shall trundle down to David's Books a ways farther down the street from the Dawn Treader and see if they want them.

I cried a bit as the dude went through the boxes, but silently, and so forth, since I didn't want to make a spectacle of myself. Well, more of a spectacle than usual.

I found myself slightly torn between gratefulness and indignance that the guy didn't want more of the books. Like, 'Hey, these are great books, and in great condition, dammit. Why wouldn't you want them?' And then, 'Not that one, please don't pick that one, I can't bear to part with it, you asshole.'

Sigh. Sometimes I think I am mentally imbalanced.

But I like to think this is a bit understandable under the circumstances.

Anyway, I've got a list halfway made up of all the other books I have, so, when I finish that, I'll post it and you can read it, and buy some or something, and support the Save the Zombie Fund. A Zombie in your chat area desperately needs your help! For the price of a cup of coffee a day, you too can help save the life of a Zombie.

Hm. Maybe I need Sally Struthers to make that more upstanding.

Or a cardboard sign that says 'Will Sell Books for Money.'

On a side note, Ophelia and I were cruising down Dixboro (I think it was Dixboro. Correct me if I am wrong, Ophe, since you know I have no idea where I live.) and then all of a sudden, cop car lights are flashing behind us.

Ye gods, they're pulling us over. We both frantically try to figure out what we could possibly have done wrong.

'Were you speeding?'


'Do you have drugs?'


'Me either. There's an empty beer can on the floor over here.'

'Hide it!'


'What the hell did we do?'

'I don't flippin' know!'

Cop comes to the window. Ophe turns on the 1000 megawatt smile. 'Hello, officer.'

'License, registration, and insurance, please.'

Crap. Not a friendly cleavage-loving copper, that's for sure. She forks over the stuff, and we're informed that the tags on the car had expired...3 days ago.

And if that weren't bad enough, the cop says:

'Don't you have an ashtray in the car?'

Ophe says, 'Yes...'

'Well, why don't you use it?'

Oh. Whoops. I had pitched a butt out the window a few minutes before we got pulled over. I apologise, and the cop informs me that he doesn't like having his car hit with burning cigarette butts as he's driving down the road. I act properly penitent, and then silently freak out, thinking he's going to ticket us for littering, which is a huge fine.

Thankfully, we only ended up with a fix-it ticket, which costs no money, and no fine for me flinging the cigarette butt out the window.

I dunno about you guys, but I've never been in a car that got hit with a cigarette butt from the car in front of me. I think that the wind drags the butts down to the ground almost immediately, or something.

But it's the end of the month, and the cops have to get their quota.


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