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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Oy vey.

That's all I have to say about the past couple days.

Okay, not really, but it sounded good.

So, I know you are all burning to know what's happened in Zombistan. Some of you will remember my whinging in chat. For those of you that missed that happy crappy, I'll re-whinge here for you. Aren't you lucky?

I've had this hernia thing on my belly for over a year now. I got it from the pregnancy with Meredith. The stomach muscles split apart as your belly grows, and that resulted in stuff getting rearranged improperly and left me with a hernia. Now, my OB/GYNs told me it would go away. Then another doctor told me it would go away. But it didn't. And it hurts like mad sometimes. So a few months ago, I went to St Joseph Mercy, to try to get some help. St Joe's told me that it was indeed a hernia, but it would probably go away on its own. If I didn't feel like waiting, I could schedule surgery to have it fixed. But what was that? You have no insurance? Well, get some insurance and then you can get it fixed.

So, I waited.

Two days ago, I woke up in searing pain. Ah, the hernia again. It hadn't given me trouble in so long, I thought maybe it had finally healed on its own. No such luck. I tried ignoring it for the two days that followed, but it kept getting worse...and I broke down and had Ophelia take me to the ER, thinking, this much pain has to be an emergency...they'll do the surgery.

So, we go to the University of Michigan hospital, which I am told is like 8th best in the US. Surely a hospital this good can help me...

We wait. They draw blood. We wait some more. Finally, we are taken back to an exam area. Then we wait some more. Now, they've got me in one of those hospital gowns, and I was freezing, huddled under a sheet, while Ophelia ransacked the cupboards and stuff for neat toys. In the cubicle next to us, is a drugged out lunatic strapped to the bed, talking to himself. The nurse that came in to prod at me was a small Asian man that Ophelia dubbed Wang Chung. Which was rude, but he wasn't nice, so he deserved it. Finally, the doctor arrives. I am still in pain, but less so since I'd been laying down for a while, waiting for her to show up. She asks me some medical history questions. Then she says, 'So, you don't have insurance?'

'No, I don't,' I said.

'Ah,' she said.

She proceeded to poke at my belly for about two minutes. Then she pronounces it's not a hernia, just 'weak stomach muscles' and that I 'should do situps.' I was aghast. Shocked and amazed. My bowel dysfunctions and vomiting are 'probably food poisoning.' Now, what the fuck?

So, I'm angry. She leaves, saying she'll get me the discharge papers. She doesn't come back. Wang Chung says we can't leave til she comes back and gives me my instructions. I say 'hah' and leave anyway.


That's okay. I am determined to get this taken care of, and I will. I've got some numbers to call and so forth. It'll be done.

And that's that.


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