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Monday, September 01, 2003

Hey, they didn't shut off my phone like they were supposed to. I'm not going to be offline for a couple days like I thought.


So, I am rather bored, which is nothing new, but I am bored in TERRIBLE ways that drive me to TERRIBLE things. You'd think I'd take the time to do productive things, like finish packing in preparation for the Big Move on Tuesday, or write something clever for posterity and put it on CIM, but nooooo, instead, I spend the time balancing precariously on various items of furniture and talking to myself.

This is mainly because I am irresponsible and like to put things off to the last minute or never do them at all, and because I like balancing precariously on things.

As you'd have it, I am an incredible klutz, known for tripping on nothing and running into stuff, not to mention falling down a lot and landing in ignominious heaps on the floor...but this doesn't stop me from balancing on one foot on the arm of the sofa, does it? Of course not.

Hence, I have a neat new bruise on my left knee. I think it adds character.

To be fair to myself, I did try to pack stuff today. I didn't get very far because every time I put something in a box, one of my children grabs it back out and runs off when I've turned around to pick something else up. This is immensely frustrating for obvious reasons. I end up bawling, 'Oh for fuck sake, knock it off, willya?' at them, and they blink at me with their large baby eyes and then I feel bad. Sort of.

So I thought, 'Fine, I won't pack. I'll clean.'

I commenced to cleaning the bathroom.

My son inquired, 'Hey, Mom?


'Hi,' he says.

'Hi,' I reply, and return to scrubbing at the bathtub.




'Hello. Asher. Hello.'

Back to scrubbing...










'Yes, HELLO.'

A minute passes, I think he's forgotten me. I sigh in relief. I am under the radar...

Then: 'Momma?'

'YES, Asher. Hi. Hola. Bonjour. Guten Tag. Aloha. HELLO.'


'Then what is it?'

'What are you doing?'

This is where I rip all my hair out and drown myself in the toilet.

Add this to Meredith, who has decided that since she's learned to jump recently, she need not walk anywhere anymore, but rather, hop around like a demented superball on crack, and I'm in toddler hell.

*bounce bounce bounce bounce* 'LOOKA ME! I JUMP! FROG! LOOKA ME! LOOOOOOOOKA MEEEEEEEEEEE!' *bounce bounce bounce bounce*

Who thought it was a good idea to teach kids to talk?


Ryan's made noise about taking the short people somewhere today so I can actually get something done, but we'll just see about that. I have come to find that whenever he makes noise about taking them somewhere, it usually turns out to be only noise.

I could really use the time to myself to get this crap done, though.


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