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Friday, September 12, 2003

So, I haven't done a PM in a while on here. This one isn't hysterically funny, but it is a bit different. See, lots of times, women get PMed by guys asking 'innocent questions,' like 'Are you ticklish?'

I was once asked that, and said yes, and then it spiralled out of control into a weird sex thing which made me giggle lots. This is similar to that:

prince_abraham_van_helsing: do you eat flesh?
prince_abraham_van_helsing: or it is just a name?

zombie_hates_everything: Oh, yeah. I eat flesh. Mmm. Flesh.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: i like your nick name
prince_abraham_van_helsing: how do you do?

zombie_hates_everything: That's nice.
zombie_hates_everything: I do fine, thanks.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: where r u from?

zombie_hates_everything: The US.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: i am originally from MI
prince_abraham_van_helsing: but now i live in LA and Europe
prince_abraham_van_helsing: how about u?

zombie_hates_everything: I currently live in MI.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: hey theres this new zombie movie openining this week-end
prince_abraham_van_helsing: Cabin Fever

zombie_hates_everything: Ah.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: if u like zombies go see it
prince_abraham_van_helsing: i am daniel pleased to meet you

zombie_hates_everything: Please don't buzz me.
zombie_hates_everything: That's incredibly annoying.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: so tell me
prince_abraham_van_helsing: have u ever bitten some1?

Here, another PM box pops up at the same time: prince_of_darkness_rules: have you ever bitten someone ?
zombie_hates_everything: Sure. I go for the jugular all the time.)

zombie_hates_everything: You and prince_of_darkness_rules the same guy, or in cahoots?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: same giy

zombie_hates_everything: Why are you PMing me under two names?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: by mistake
prince_abraham_van_helsing: sorry my bad

zombie_hates_everything: Uh huh.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: so honestly
prince_abraham_van_helsing: have u?

zombie_hates_everything: Why do you want to know?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: i have an issue about it
prince_abraham_van_helsing: just like to discuss it if u dont mind?

zombie_hates_everything: What's the issue?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: got bitten by a woman

zombie_hates_everything: And...?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: serious bite

zombie_hates_everything: So?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: i want to know
prince_abraham_van_helsing: how bad can a woman bite?
prince_abraham_van_helsing: what was ur worst?

zombie_hates_everything: Oh, I get it. This is one of those weird sex things, right?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: excuse me?
prince_abraham_van_helsing: no it is not
prince_abraham_van_helsing: i just asked a legitimate quetion

zombie_hates_everything: I tell you I bit some kid in the second grade for stealing my crayons and you're over there whacking it, right?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: very funny ha ha
prince_abraham_van_helsing: now seriously

zombie_hates_everything: I don't bite people.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: very well then , I see that I have bothered you
prince_abraham_van_helsing: I will leave you alone

zombie_hates_everything: Well, not too hard, anyway.
zombie_hates_everything: Good.
zombie_hates_everything: See ya

prince_abraham_van_helsing: would u bite someone if he asks for it willingly paying for one single bite mark 15,000$?

zombie_hates_everything: What, and get AIDS?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: no i meant if theyre clean
prince_abraham_van_helsing: you know what?
prince_abraham_van_helsing: i just hope one thing for you
prince_abraham_van_helsing: i hope you'd get bitten by a zombie real soon ,. so that the world is better off without you

zombie_hates_everything: lol

prince_abraham_van_helsing: i see you got a sense of humour

zombie_hates_everything: Do you even know where the zombie myth comes from?
zombie_hates_everything: That was a ridiculous attempt at insulting me.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: there are many theories

zombie_hates_everything: Please try harder next time.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: and many movies
prince_abraham_van_helsing: tell me

zombie_hates_everything: Tell you what?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: did u ever bite a bad bite?

zombie_hates_everything: Why are you stuck on this biting thing?
zombie_hates_everything: Got a fetish? Poor lad.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: no

zombie_hates_everything: Well?

prince_abraham_van_helsing: i dont know what to tell you
prince_abraham_van_helsing: i have a serious issue
prince_abraham_van_helsing: and you are lol

zombie_hates_everything: I can tell.
zombie_hates_everything: Because it's funny.

prince_abraham_van_helsing: okay

Then he stopped talking, which was just as well, since I'd have ended up yelling at him a lot...

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