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Sunday, October 05, 2003

The Misadventures of Spawnie and Zombie

Spawnie and I took the kids to the park today. It was one of those sunny but chilly fall days you get here up North, so it seemed like a good idea. Plus, I figured running around like demented things might wear the kids out a bit so they would sleep tonight.

We had a good time. Meredith went down the slides no less than 5 zillion times and Asher immediately took his shoes off and dug in the sand for a long time.

Spawnie and I sat at a picnic table and talked...

At one point, a car pulled into the parking lot. We observed a very thin woman emerge from the passenger side door of the vehicle with a fire extinguisher.

This looked interesting, so we continued to watch.

After much dancing around and arm waving, the woman sprayed the extinguisher into the backseat.

We thought this was odd, since the car didn't appear to be on fire.

The woman lit a cigarette and danced around some more, apparently talking to whomever else was in the car, though we couldn't see anyone.

She got back into the car. Then she got back out. Then she got in again, and closed the door.

Then she got back out.

Then she got back in, and left the door open, and we watched her feet swing around wildly.

At this point, we figured she was on something. Probably crack.

CrackWoman emerges yet again from the car, wearing different pants. She proceeds to give us very dirty looks while we giggle.

Then ANOTHER woman emerges from the driver's side door.

This one is blonde, also extremely thin...

...and brandishing a baseball bat.

We think this is about as odd as the fire extinguisher.

We decide they are hookers, since they are dressed as hookers would dress, and presumably on crack.

Spawnie wonders how much they charge.

The women begin to wander around the parking lot, inspecting vehicles, while Blondie swings the bat around a lot. Then they traipse off into a field and out of sight.

A little while later, they come back, and Blondie's still got the baseball bat. They get into the car and drive around the lot for a while, then leave, only to return 15 minutes later with another car following them.

Thus ensues what I presume was a drug deal, and then they leave again.

A trip to the park with Zombie and Spawnie.

Never a dull moment.

That's right, CrackWhores of the world. I'm watching you.

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