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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Zombie Rawks Much More Than Usual

Yes, just when you thought it couldn't did. I managed to rawk much more than I usually rawk.

See, yesterday was the day the DSL was supposed to be hooked up. But when I attached the filter to the wall and plugged the phone into it, I lost the dial tone and the DSL was NOT working.

I called to bitch. 'Where's my DSL?'

The techie guy and I went over myriad possibilities as to why my DSL was not working and why I lost the dial tone whenever I hooked the shit up...he decided it was because we have a buzzer to let people into the building.

I thought that sounded pretty stupid, but hey, he's the techie guy, right?

Before going over to the office to see what could be done about the buzzer not screwing with my DSL, I decided to try it one more time...lo and behold, the problem was discovered.

The filter is too heavy.

When I'd plug everything in and then just let the filter hang there, it was pulling the cord slightly out of the phone jack...enough that it wasn't connecting. OH!

So I went over to the office and begged some duct tape off of them, then taped everything up nice and neat to the wall, and presto! DSL action.

Fuck, I rawk.

So it looks a little redneck, with wires and things duct taped to the plaster, but hey...the DSL works, and that's the main thing.

*busts part of a move*

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