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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Zombie's Got a Dirty Secret

Yes, yes I do. And I'll tell you what it is...

I can't stop watching...

...American Idol.

I know, I know. But let me explain.

I LOVE watching the audition shows. So I guess I should say 'I can't stop watching the first couple weeks of each American Idol season.'

For some reason, watching people make complete asses of themselves on national television just really makes me chirpy.

I love when people come on in stupid costumes, thinking that will give them an edge. I love when people sing ridiculous songs. I love when people sing things in a style that's completely wrong for American Idol. I love when people get angry at the judges for telling them they suck. I love it all.

I love it so much, I dug up some video clips for you all to see. So you know what I'm talking about.

Here's William Hung. William is adorable, and the audition is perhaps one of the funniest things I've ever seen. This is from the current season.

This guy is so bad, I nearly pissed my pants laughing. It's from a few seasons ago, but I had to put it up here.

And here and here, you can see some random comments from the judges.

Another part of the show I love is when the people get turned down and then go out into the hallway, screaming and crying about how the judges don't know anything and are assholes. Righty-o.

The best example of that is the dude that threw water at Simon Cowell, because Simon told him he sucked. I looked for a clip of that, but couldn't find one.

Anyway, enjoy the funnies. I'm going to bed.

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