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Friday, February 27, 2004


Oooooh. I updated CIM again. Go me.

And I figured out what might be causing the glitch some people have reported they are having in using the site. So I will slowly get that fixed over the next few days, because, though it's not a huge error, it's still going to be time consuming having to go through every page to fix my tiny error.

I'm such a 'tard, but at least I figured it out. Whoo hoo.

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Get Ready to Yell at Zombie

I was checking out and saw this, and I said, "Right on!"

I know that's not politically correct, but, hell, I've never been worried about being politically correct.

It makes me smile that some people are willing to stand up and point out how ridiculous those types of scholarships are, and indeed, how ridiculous affirmative action is.

I keep hearing about the 'white privilege,' and how white people 'oppress' other races and so forth. Maybe white people did. Maybe white people still do. But that doesn't mean it's only white people that 'oppress' other people. I went to a pretty nasty middle school in Chicago where I was constantly harassed for being one of the only white kids in the entire 8th grade. It was so bad, I had to be moved to a Catholic school so I wouldn't get chopped up or shot at. I wonder where my white privilege was then.

Where's my White Entertainment Television, and my Ivory magazine? Where's my National Association for the Advancement of Cracker People? Where's my United Honkey College Fund? I feel deprived.

I remember, too, a chatter telling me how a student at his sister's high school in California had started a 'Caucasian Club' at school and been accused of being racist and so forth. So it's okay to have an African American club at school, but not a Caucasian club, because if it's only for whites, then it's racist.

Am I the only one that notices how stupid that is? Why are we still so guilt ridden over slavery? Yes, slavery is a bad thing, but it happened a long time ago, and *I* didn't enslave anyone. My family wasn't around back then. We were still in Hungary. We don't run around freaking out and apologising constantly and acting all a fool for what we did to the Japanese Americans during WW2, or what we did to the Chinese so we could have some pretty railroads, or how we've treated the Native Americans. The government can't even manage to keep a treaty with the Native Americans without breaking it, but I suppose that's not as important as letting a black kid into a college on a scholarship based on his skin color to make up for having enslaved some other black people a long time ago.

At any rate, I agree with these folks in the article that scholarships ought to be granted on the basis of merit and need, rather than skin color. Would you really be proud to know you only got into Harvard based on your skin color, rather than that your grades and acheivements were so good they wanted you in?

I don't think I would.

But then again, that's just me.


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Monday, February 09, 2004

Zombie Jumps on the Breastgate Bandwagon

Oy vey.

I tried ignoring the Janet Jackson breast thing, but it won't go away. And it's funny, so I suppose I should comment on it.

Why are people so damned riled up about this? It was a publicity stunt. That's obvious. And for fuck sake, it was just a tit. And not a very great one at that.

Anyway, I was reading this site and it made me laugh. The owner talks about how he posts often, ranting about things that interest him (or her, can't tell the gender, apologies to Sunfyre for that one), things that he/she finds important, things he/she finds funny, et cetera, and it ends up being a post about Janet Jackson's tit that brings in billions of hits.

I thought I ought to see if that happens with my blog.

Apparently, talking about important political matters or something doesn't interest people. It's a grainy shot of a not so great tit that rakes in the hits.

Go, boobs, go.

Oh yeah, dig Sunfyre's animated Jackson gif thing which made me giggle, here. Hehe. There's still shots and the video thing on there. Enough to satisfy even the horniest loser teenager, methinks.

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