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Monday, February 09, 2004

Zombie Jumps on the Breastgate Bandwagon

Oy vey.

I tried ignoring the Janet Jackson breast thing, but it won't go away. And it's funny, so I suppose I should comment on it.

Why are people so damned riled up about this? It was a publicity stunt. That's obvious. And for fuck sake, it was just a tit. And not a very great one at that.

Anyway, I was reading this site and it made me laugh. The owner talks about how he posts often, ranting about things that interest him (or her, can't tell the gender, apologies to Sunfyre for that one), things that he/she finds important, things he/she finds funny, et cetera, and it ends up being a post about Janet Jackson's tit that brings in billions of hits.

I thought I ought to see if that happens with my blog.

Apparently, talking about important political matters or something doesn't interest people. It's a grainy shot of a not so great tit that rakes in the hits.

Go, boobs, go.

Oh yeah, dig Sunfyre's animated Jackson gif thing which made me giggle, here. Hehe. There's still shots and the video thing on there. Enough to satisfy even the horniest loser teenager, methinks.

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