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Friday, March 05, 2004

Back By Popular Demand...

Well, so there wasn't any demand, but I haven't done this in a long long time, so here we go...

Meet harshcomputronics. He's dumb. Very dumb. Be annoyed. Very annoyed.

I know I was.

harshcomputronics: hi
harshcomputronics: wanna have romantic chats ?

zombie_hates_everything: Nope.

harshcomputronics: y

zombie_hates_everything: I have a boyfriend. Go away.

harshcomputronics: we r not going to meet each other
harshcomputronics: so y not orally
harshcomputronics: u know 1 thing
harshcomputronics: if it so happens that
harshcomputronics: ur boyfriend ditches u than wat ?
harshcomputronics: do u have any answer

zombie_hates_everything: Well, if he did, which he won't, but if he did, I certainly wouldn't be wanting anyone like you. You can't even spell. You sound like an idiot. Go away.

harshcomputronics: u r too moody
harshcomputronics: well u too is idiot
harshcomputronics: coz u have no womenhood in u
harshcomputronics: u r boobless
harshcomputronics: a girl without boobs
harshcomputronics: flat dicks

zombie_hates_everything: lol

harshcomputronics: i can come at ur place
harshcomputronics: i want to fuck u
harshcomputronics: what u will charge ?

zombie_hates_everything: I thought you just said I have no 'womenhood' in me. Why would you want to fuck a woman with no 'womenhood'?

harshcomputronics: there u r right
harshcomputronics: but i had just saw ur pic
harshcomputronics: u seems to b sexy
harshcomputronics: u r frm michigan right

zombie_hates_everything: You know, your approach to picking up women seems to be lacking a certain finesse. Perhaps you should go practice on a pair of socks and then get back to me.

harshcomputronics: dont type too big sentences

zombie_hates_everything: Sorry. u r a dum ass. do u understand?!?!

harshcomputronics: actually u have fear
harshcomputronics: that i will come n fuck u

zombie_hates_everything: Actually, that is a pretty scary idea.

harshcomputronics: but u r been proved as no.1 idiot
harshcomputronics: coz i m chatting with u far away from asia
harshcomputronics: so dont fear
harshcomputronics: ya i m frm india

zombie_hates_everything: No, I realized you're some class of foreigner. American's can't speak English properly, true, but you're a bit worse than they are.

harshcomputronics: this shows ur immaturity
harshcomputronics: lets grow up
harshcomputronics: now u r growing up

zombie_hates_everything: Yes, my bones are stretching and everything.

harshcomputronics: do u have any sex experience ?
harshcomputronics: answer in yes or no only

zombie_hates_everything: Are you some sort of sex maniac?
zombie_hates_everything: Don't dictate to me how to answer your idiotic questions.

harshcomputronics: thats none of ur business

zombie_hates_everything: Then it's none of your business whether I have experience or not.

harshcomputronics: ofcourse thats part of my business
harshcomputronics: i will fuck u & give u amount
harshcomputronics: now dont say fuck me freely

zombie_hates_everything: Your business?
zombie_hates_everything: So, your business is paying women for sex?

harshcomputronics: nope
harshcomputronics: i m having here business of computers

zombie_hates_everything: Ah, I see. Programmer, right?

harshcomputronics: ya

zombie_hates_everything: So, let me ask you a question, Mr Horny Indian Programmer.

harshcomputronics: say

zombie_hates_everything: If you are in the business of computers, you should know a lot about the internet, right?

harshcomputronics: some

zombie_hates_everything: Okay, then why don't you know how to behave on the internet?

harshcomputronics: ya i do

zombie_hates_everything: Do you realize that women do not want you PMing them in broken English, offering to pay for sex?

harshcomputronics: thats true

zombie_hates_everything: Not the best way to pick up a lady. What is it with you people?

harshcomputronics: i know i have harrased u

zombie_hates_everything: Every day, I am PMed by hundreds of Indian programmers, asking for sex. What's the matter with your male population?

harshcomputronics: i think u r angry

zombie_hates_everything: I'm not angry, just curious. Answer the question, please. What's the matter with the men in your country that you all have to come online to get sex?

harshcomputronics: this particular problem is with each & every male throughout globally
harshcomputronics: Everyone likes sex

zombie_hates_everything: No, the majority of men PMing me specifically for sex are Indian.
zombie_hates_everything: Do you know that throughout the internet, the men in your country are a huge joke?

harshcomputronics: lakhs of women r too interested

zombie_hates_everything: We call you HIPs, or Horny Indian Programmers. You're all a big joke.

harshcomputronics: actually u dont really know
harshcomputronics: n numbers of women ask for sex to us
harshcomputronics: let me clear 1 thing

zombie_hates_everything: If there are so many women asking for sex from you, then why are you PMing me for it?
zombie_hates_everything: Go find one of them, eh?

harshcomputronics: i m not exactly a programmer

zombie_hates_everything: You said you were a programmer.

harshcomputronics: i m actuallly into computer hardware
harshcomputronics: computer peripherals

zombie_hates_everything: Fine. A small difference. Fact remains that you work in computers and you're Indian and you're harassing women for sex.

harshcomputronics: wats ur real name zombie

zombie_hates_everything: Fact remains, also, that you should know better than to approach women in this manner.

harshcomputronics: not harassing

zombie_hates_everything: You're not getting my real name.

harshcomputronics: making quality mood

zombie_hates_everything: I just want to know why you have to come online to offer women money for sex. Can't you find a whore where you live?

harshcomputronics: nope i dont know ur real name
harshcomputronics: 1 thing is sure
harshcomputronics: u too like sex but u r not free to chat
harshcomputronics: y so
harshcomputronics: ?

zombie_hates_everything: lol, whatever.
zombie_hates_everything: Look, go bother someone else, okay?

harshcomputronics: y
harshcomputronics: i love u
harshcomputronics: thats true
harshcomputronics: if u were near me i could marry u

zombie_hates_everything: No, I doubt that highly.

harshcomputronics: i liked ur face much much
harshcomputronics: in ur profile

zombie_hates_everything: You're not understanding what I'm saying, are you?
zombie_hates_everything: You're harassing me, you annoy me, and I want you to go away. Since there are so many women that ask you for sex, go find one of them, please.

harshcomputronics: but those no one has good looking features as u have
harshcomputronics: i m not harrasing u
harshcomputronics: u r misunderstanding me

zombie_hates_everything: Well, that's just something you'll have to deal with. I have a boyfriend, we're very much in love, and I have no desire to have sex with you. Do you understand?

harshcomputronics: i m not asking to have sex with u
harshcomputronics: i was just joking
harshcomputronics: i was testing u
harshcomputronics: thats it

zombie_hates_everything: Whatever. Just go now.

harshcomputronics: but atleast u can have sexual chats
harshcomputronics: how should i go dear
harshcomputronics: y u r ignoring me

zombie_hates_everything: I do not want to have sexual chats.
zombie_hates_everything: Stop talking to me.

harshcomputronics: g
harshcomputronics: y
harshcomputronics: y
harshcomputronics: y
harshcomputronics: ?
harshcomputronics: ?
harshcomputronics: ?
harshcomputronics: had u licked samen of ur boyfriend
harshcomputronics: just share the experience
harshcomputronics: shady is another flurt
harshcomputronics: so b alert

Ew. Shady, he says, referring to Shady Windwalker, who I was talking to in the room at the time.

Just share the experience.

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