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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Zombie Has Issues, Part 2 1/2

From my comments box:

My first thought was.. don't mostly retarded people who don't need to loose weight hang out in gyms?

Yes, I think so, j00dz. I don't count as mostly retarded because I can stand to lose a few (million) pounds, but the majority of people I see there are incredibly thin....maybe because they go to the gym so much? I don't know.

I remember being skinny. It was more about stress, and feeding my kids before I dared eat a morsel. Even before that, when I was a child, I had this repultion for eating produce that my Mom had recovered from the Safeway garbage bin. She thought I was too picky. Later in life, I understood her point.

My mom did that...didn't eat until my sister and I had eaten, because we were so broke all the time. I do not remember her dumpster diving at the Safeway, but I do remember getting boxes from the church on occasion.

Zombie .. skinny isn't all that healthy. Try not to fret so.

Well, I'm not healthy now, either...perhaps I can find a nice mid-spot where I am not skinny but also not this heavy. That's all I'm looking for.

You aren't the only one that has that sinking, yet retarded feeling of despair when you see super thin people. I see meth heads, and anorexic girls that are covered with lanugo and I feel desperate and fat.

It's funny that you should say this, Mary. You commented this as I was posting about my sister, and I didn't include the other part of what I was going to say about her anorexia, which is that, in some weird, twisted way, I admire her. She's got some crazy-ass willpower over there. I have a hard enough time walking past the potato chips, let alone fasting for days at a time like she does.

And I also know from reading her blog (which she has removed) that she sees people like Tyra Banks as fat. That freaks me out - like, if she sees THAT woman as fat, what must she think of me?

I know she is not well and not thinking clearly, but it still gnaws at me a bit.


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