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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Zombie's Daughter Has Copdar.

That's like gaydar, but for cops.

While driving the kid to school this morning, she announces, "Look, Mommy! A police car!"

"No, honey...that was a cab."

"No, no, the white car."

I look. It does not appear to be a cop car. "No, Bean, that's not a cop car. That's just a regular car."

"It is a police car! It is!"

So we argue for a few minutes. Then we end up pulling up next to the car in question at a red light, and what do you know? He's got a grill in the back that I couldn't see from behind and some weird mirrors that I also couldn't see from behind, and is a cop car. But if I couldn't see these things from where we were before, I doubt my daughter

My daughter has copdar.

I think this may come in handy if I ever decide to take up robbing banks. She can spot all the police in the area - even the undercover ones, as this car she spotted did not have any of the usual "POLICE" crap painted all over it, it was just a plain car - and keep my ass from gettin' arrested.

I always knew having kids would pay off in the end.

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