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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What the...

Today, I got a hit from someone Googling something very strange:

"getting raped" rapist my neighbors kid always cries every day screaming

Uhm, what?

What is that? Is it some weird sex thing? Did someone get confused on the way to finding the rape porn and mix it up with his concern for the kids getting their asses beaten next door...? Perhaps he was like, "Hey, I need me some rape porn...can't enjoy it, though, since those KIDS ARE ALWAYS SCREAMING NEXT DOOR. Dammit...wonder if I can simultaneously look up some chick getting it by a man in a mask and how to report child abuse, as I am a great humanitarian like that."

And for some godforsaken reason, I am second on the list when you Google that. How did that happen?


I get some hits from pretty strange search terms, but if that don't beat all...

My favorite search term from last week was "hamburger machina," which came to us from some South American country. I like the idea of "hamburger ex machina." Hamburger from the machine...

Peoples is weird.

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