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Monday, July 17, 2006

War. What's It Good For?

Absolutely nothing. Say it again.

That's also what I got: absolutely nothing.

I was writing this long rambly post about nothing, but then I heard a weird noise. I went upstairs to investigate, and lo, it is the wind, being windy.

Very windy.

Suddenly, my front blows open. I go over and shove it closed and throw the bolt. Then I figure I better start shutting windows, which is a hellacious prospect, considering it's about nine thousand degrees in this little oven I call home.

I look out one of my bedroom windows before I close it and holy hell! It's the end of the world!

Okay, it's just really windy and freaky-looking clouds and lightning are boiling up over to the east. I realize I'd better get the dog out to piss before the sky cracks open, and get my flip flops and the leash.

I drag him outside and the wind is picking up even more. "Hurry up, dumb dog," I tell him.

I don't know if any of you have had the dubious pleasure of experiencing a Michigan summer storm, but it's really not much of a picnic.

By the time the dog decided on a suitable place to unload his bladder, the wind was howling and had ripped my hair right out of its hair thingie and was doing its best to knock my ass down.

I hate that.

Anyway, while I'm standing there, haranguing the dog to hurry up before it starts raining or we both get struck by lightning, the power goes out.

There goes my post. Dang.

Power came back on a few minutes later, but really, I am annoyed. I cannot have the weather messing with my blogging like that. It's just not kosher. And I am all about the kosher. Me and pareve? We're tight.

So that's why this post sucks mightily. The weather made me do it. I can't be blamed.

Until I learn to control the weather, that is. Then I can be blamed. But I won't care, because controlling the weather? Total goal of mine. And once I do control the weather, look out, Saskatoon. I got my eye on you. Eye of a hurricane, that is. Heh heh.

I really shouldn't try to write when I am this tired.

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Anonymous cynlee commented at 3:39 AM~  

"And I am all about the kosher. Me and pareve? We're tight."

Ah ha ha!

I did not see that coming!

Anonymous Lly commented at 7:24 PM~  

"Suddenly, my front blows open."

Really... that's hot.

Blogger Zombie commented at 3:45 PM~  

Front DOOR. Shit. I make the most retarded typos ever. I should not write at all.

Anonymous Lly commented at 9:35 PM~  

Nah, I LOVED this typo. I laughed for... minutes.

I'm laughing right now, actually.

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