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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wherein Zombie Says Many Things That Are Completely Unrelated

Continuing with my Getting Rid of Everything in Sight theme for the summer, I went into my closet and pitched almost everything.

See, I had a box of clothes in there For When I'm Skinny Again. I figured now was a good time to go through it all and get rid of the stuff I don't want/need anymore. So I tried everything on - and lo, my things from high school fit again! I really need these things? I thought about it for a little while, perched on my cedar chest.

Yes, the bondage pants fit again and are rather special with the straps and the jingly silver bits, but...where will I wear them? I cannot wear them to work. They are a bit much for grocery shopping. And I think I have grown out of my "HEY LOOK AT ME WEARING THIS WEIRD THING WITH THE SHINY STUFF I AM SO AWESOME AND NONCONFORMING" phase.

So I put them in the bag, and it was easier from there. Fishnet shirts? Gone. Shiny vinyl pants? Gone. Various velvet minidresses and skirts? Gone. My vast collection of striped tights? Gone. Okay, I take that back. I did keep the red and white striped ones, in case I ever feel Alice in Wonderland, and I kept the black and white striped ones, because every girl needs a pair of black and white striped tights, in case she ever ends up in prison. But the rest? The green/black, red/black, black/blue, etc. Gone.

I did keep all my thigh-highs, though. One pair looks like cobwebs. I love those. I may never wear them anywhere again, but I will always know they are there.

And I found my Jim Rose Circus FREAK shirt, so that's cool. Also found my Misfits t-shirt, several of my Pantera shirts that I thought were lost in the abyss, and my Halloween/big knife stabbing a pumpkin shirt. Those I kept.

I also cleared out everything in my dresser, keeping only such things as don't make me look like a sausage and/or bag lady.

I shall deposit these bags of surplus lacy/fishnetty/blacky things into a Goodwill collection bin on the morrow, and hope the nice Goodwill ladies aren't freaked out by my bondage pants. I will also hope that if they sell them, they ask a decent price, 'cos those fuckers were expensive.

Starting tomorrow, I will also begin the hideous process of going through all the kids' things.

After that, I will start on the books.

If any of you want some books, I will send them to you for the price of postage. Just let me know what you like to read and I will assemble a goodie box of that sort of book and you will love me forever.


My son turns 6 tomorrow. How did I end up with a 6 year old? Cripes.


I finally got around to seeing XMen 3 last night, and that was totally a disappointment. At least I only saw it at the dollar theater, and I had a free pass, so it wasn't like I had to pay for it or anything (how ghetto is that? Free pass at the dollar theater? I love me.) but still -- they screwed that movie all up.

Granted, they did have Juggernaut in it. And I had heard that Juggernaut uttered the now-famous "Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!" line, but I was not prepared to find that they had, for some reason, decided Juggernaut should be British, of all things. So he did say the line, and that was fine, but he said it in a Cockney accent, and that just ruined everything.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, please watch the following video. It's funny as hell, even if you aren't an XMen geek like me.

Anyway, so, the movie: it was watchable and even had some entertaining parts, but they really could've done so much more with the Dark Phoenix thing and the cure thing...I think they were too ambitious.

And Famke Janssen looks a hot mess, people. Her Dark Phoenix looks like Evil Willow in Season 6 of Buffy, black eyes and veiny head and all. Now, I liked Season 6 of Buffy, and I am not knocking the whole Willow thing, but...this is a big budget movie. Surely they could've come up with some better effects. The proper Dark Phoenix can destroy a solar system. Dark Phoenix in the movie? Picked up a house and dropped it. Big fucking deal.

So, yeah, that was disappointing all around. But Hugh Jackman is pretty, so I can pretty much forgive the movie for bringing the suck like that. And then I got a burrito from the Qdoba and that made up for everything.

I think it is Qdoba burritos that will eventually bring about world peace. But that's just me.

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Anonymous Lly commented at 11:13 PM~  

Oh man, I TOTALLY want a goodie bag! Send me anything you want!

Blogger Zombie commented at 3:51 PM~  

You gotta pay postage, though. I can't be affordin' to ship books all over the place.

But! I have great things. You won't be sorry.

Blogger Zombie commented at 3:52 PM~  

Oh and HI, LLY. :-D

I saw you linked me on yer own blog-thing. Thanks.

Anonymous julie commented at 6:24 PM~  

what kind of books do you have?

Blogger Zombie commented at 7:47 PM~  

Hi, Julie.

I have all kinds. Mostly fiction, though. Crime, mysteries, horror, literature, etc. What are you in the market for?

Anonymous Lly commented at 9:31 PM~  

Hi! And yer welcome. I trust your tastes; I'll send you postage for whatever you think I'd like.

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