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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

And I Just Said "Up Yours," Baby!

Shit, y'all.

So, I haven't blogged in days and days, but this time I have a real excuse that doesn't involve me being tired or lazy or antisocial or not giving a shit.

I couldn't log into Blogger.

The Blogger start page would load, all nice and neat, but the new sign-in function they've acquired while implementing the Blogger Beta? Well, that part wouldn't load. It appears to be attached to Google somehow, because you can use your Google login to log into Blogger, if you so desire, and the little address thingie is a Google thingie. And that would remain a little white box in IE and turn into a oh-it-timed-out-sucka box in Firefox.

"That's okay," I think at first. "I will wander around the help files and find some other page to log in on."

But the Blogger help files? Tell you to log in at the start page. And offer no other places to log in. At all. That I could find, anyway.

This caused no end of annoying, for obvious reasons. Annoying that lasted for days and days.

Surely there is some other easily accessible login point for Blogger. Surely. But the help files do not offer such or they do and I cannot see it because I am Quite Possibly Retarded.


I finally just figured out how to get around it after searching through mountains of Blogger's help forums. There does so happen to be another Blogger login just doesn't appear to be in an obvious place. And so I won't repost it here, in case there's some Blogger Gestapo out there that doesn't want me to log into Blogger EVER. Perhaps there is a special unit assigned to the Zombie, keeping an eye on me so I can't get onto my blog and ramble in my usual incoherent nonsense manner and plug up the Tubes of the Internets with my Random Shite. Because, as we all know, the Internets is not a big truck!

I don't want the Blogger Gestapo to know that I know there's another way in that doesn't involve the clusterfuck of a sign-in function they've added to the main page.Perhaps they think I shouldn't be going around clogging the Tubes of the Internet with my frothing at the mouth. Perhaps they want to silence me.

Or maybe I just have delusions of grandeur.

It's possible that this fuck-up has nothing to do with me, personally, at all. It's possible that it's just a random error that has occurred due to the switch-over to Blogger Beta. It's possible.

But I doubt it.

I know you're after me, Blogger. I can smell you. But I won't be silenced. I won't!

So, anyway, thank you, forum people. And if any of you Blogspot owners need some Blogger help, don't go to Blogger's help files, since they are not all that helpy. Go to the forums.

I am still having other (seemingly) unrelated (maybe this is also caused by the Blogger Gestapo...oh, I'm onto you, buddies. I am.) Interwebs problems, but at least this one is fixed. Well, not fixed, since the original log-in problem still remains. Circumvented, if you will.

I am all about the circumvention if it allows me to get what I want/need, though, so that's cool.

In other news, I still hate things and will be bringing you your regularly scheduled Things Zombie Hates Thursday tomorrow. Which is Thursday. The day for things I hate.

Isn't that convenient?

Fucking hell.

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