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Friday, September 29, 2006

El Bastardo's Rant on the Backdoor Tactics of the Fuckwit Religious Right

Okay. As many of you know from my earlier rants, I am not a big fan of religion. Nor do I put much confidence in those who practice and/or believe in any form of religion. But as long as they keep their idiotic childlike fantasies to themselves, I have no problem.

But it seems that the fundie fuckwit invasion is already upon us, boys and girls.

Case in point:

As we all know, state-sanctioned religious events during school hours are forbidden.

The First Amendment explains this in simple terms:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

Simple, succinct and to the point, right? Well, as usual, the baboon Religious Right has found what they believe to be a nifty loophole.

In my kid's school, she gets this journal book that she and the teacher write in. In it, I found a note from the teacher stating that my daughter would like to attend a Bible study and asking me if that was okay.

Now, trying to stay calm and not lose my infamous composure (That is right! I said "composure," bitches!! STFU!!).

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes!!

After seeing this clear violation of the First Amendment promoting a specific religion, I decided that this will not stand.

So I called the school's principal. He was a pleasant first. Until the wrath of El Bastardo began to throttle him over the phone.

Exchange is as follows:

Me: "I have a problem with this. It is a clear promotion of religion on school property."

Principal: "Umm, no, it is not. See, they come in with a trailer once a month in the parking lot which is maintaned by the state. Therefore it is not on school property. So the kids go out there and hear a lecture on the Bible."

Me: "Umm, I pay state taxes, therefore it is on public property. This is why churches are considered private property."

Principal: ".......Well......yes...but...this program has been going on for over 40 years in this county."

Me: "Rome ruled most of the civilized world from the point of a sword for centuries. It still did not make it right. Time is irrelevant here. Also, I am concerned about kids being ostracized if they will not be participating."

Principal: "Oh no. We do not allow that. The teacher gives the students that do not participate projects or gives them one-on-one help with subjects. We do not allow them to tease the kids who attend the Bible study."

Me: "Umm, no. That is not it. I am talking about the kids that DO attend the Bible study and come back to tease my kid, since they are all in some nice little clique."

Principal: "....... I think you better speak to the superintendent."

Me: "Good idea."

So the adventure continues.

I call the superintendent. His secretary tries to pry the reason I am calling out of me. I explain that it has to do with a questionable school activity. She promises he will call me back.

And sure enough, he actually does.

Exchange follows:

Me: "(explaining the whole situation to him.) This is a clear violation of Separation
of Church and State. This is a problem."

Superintendent: "Well, actually, there was a Supreme Court decision in the 1950s that allows Bible study during an activity period."

Me: "Actually, the Engel vs. Vitale decision in 1962 supercedes that, and any and all school sponsored prayer and religious activity is unconstitutional."

Superintendent: "Well, we do not agree, but again, we do not promote this religious study. Parents can send their kids there if they wish."

Me: "Umm, yes you did promote it. Your teacher wrote in my kid's journal, asking if we wanted to send her to Bible study. Also, she clearly mentioned it to my daughter as an option."

Superintendent: ".....Oh. Well...yes....umm...we agree there. She should not have done that. I think she did not understand that she cannot do that. It will not happen again."

Me: "Yes. But now the damage is done, and my daughter is already uncomfortable, as she is not sure what she should choose. Thanks."

Superintendent: " Well...we will speak to the teacher about it. Clearly we need more guidelines regarding this. Sorry if this has caused problems."

Now, EB is not stupid. He can read people fairly well. What this man was telling me under his breath was "OKAY!! YOU ATHEIST COMMIE FUCK!! WE WILL SPEAK TO THE TEACHER!! BUT BE WARNED!! WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE AND WHERE YOUR KID GOES TO SCHOOL!! WE WILL VANQUISH YOU, FOUL DEMON FROM HELL!! ( but please!! Do not sue us!!)"

*sighs* Why is this country so loaded with so much Christian twattery? Why are people so fucking dumb that they have no clue about what their country's laws are? Is it too much to ask to keep your religious idiocy at home where it clearly belongs?

So fuck you and your Bible-study-wagon-of-brain-washing. What the fuck?!? If I wanted my kid to read crap fiction, I would let her read Valley of the Dolls or something.

At least boozed-up, drugged-up Hollywood sluts are more real than talking snakes and women being raped by ghosts.

You call atheists illogical when you believe and promote this inane shit?!!

Was the cord wrapped around your necks at birth or something?

Keep you and your pedophilic-fundie hands off my kid. Save it for the "flock."


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Anonymous token commented at 7:09 AM~  

Not subtle, not very subtle at all. You want me to come and jew 'em?

Blogger Zombie commented at 8:34 AM~  

I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark here and say they're probably wary of y'all Jewy people, too. On account of how you killed Jesus and all. Christ-killers! Haha!

Oh, I hate people. Sigh.

Blogger paulo commented at 2:36 PM~  

That's outrageous. I had to deal with similiar shit in school, I thought it was just because I lived in rural Indiana with a homogenous mix of white christians and more white christians, but apparently it's more widespread than I thought.

Don't worry, though. In grade school, when I first heard about God and the Devil and Heaven and Hell, I thought I might believe in it, too. The thing is, kids who aren't raised religious aren't very likely to actually become religious.

Blogger Zombie commented at 3:23 PM~  

Paulo, oh, it's everywhere. I sometimes lull myself into a sort of false sense of security, thinking that if I just do my thing and don't bother anyone, others will extend me that same courtesy.

Then something like what happened with EB's kid happens and there goes that.

I just wrote a hugeass comment continuing my thoughts on this, but I think I should save it for a whole post, rather than blathering along here.

PS - Your lies blog is odd. I like it.

Blogger commented at 6:26 PM~  

Great blog! I've added a link to your blog on Blog of the Day under the category of Rant. To view the feature of your blog, please visit

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 8:45 AM~  

Fucking brilliant - I'm from UK and while no one here gives as much of a fuck as you 'good old boys in Amerricky' there's people who knock on your door like fucking salvationist cab drivers -'sign up and we'll drive you to Noah's Boat in good time' shite

What bothers me is the same applies to mass sport - World Cup and the flags and the Football Nazis come out - can't get a fucking beer without some cunt craning his neck up at a widescreen tv and moaning like you farted in church

'Where's your flag? = 'I rolled it up ready to shove right up your f*&^(!!!

Beady Eye

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