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Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Found El Bastardo! He Was Behind the Couch the Whole Time!

El Bastardo's Rant on the Suckage of Politicizing 9/11

Is it just me, or has anyone else gotten tired of all the bloviating, self-important rants from this fuckwit of a president and his cohorts, trying to gain brown-nosing points by using one of the worst attacks on U.S. soil as a means to get in another few years of ripping off this nation?

I mean, you just turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or read a paper and all you see is some idiotic cracker politician in a seersucker suit going on about, "Well, Social Security can be 9/11'd, if we just terrorize with 9/11. People need to 9/11 and remember why you need to keep me in office to 9/11 and terrorize you with 9/11 on this anniversary of...well...9/11. My distinguished co-conspirator...I MEAN...colleague has more!"

"Thank you, Bob. Now...on 9/11 and gas prices, we can 9/11 and stop the terror at the pump with 9/11. And on a side note, I do not appreciate the claims by the media and our opposition in Congress that 9/11 and on 9/11, we should 9/11, and we can fix things with 9/11 while we 9/11. Because I would never use 9/11 to terrorize the American public."

See what I mean? These idiotic fuckwits are still trying the old scare tactic because they have made a mess in the Middle East, ruined the economy and the environment, etc.

But what is worse are the fucking pussies of the so-called newsmedia who cower at each and every chance to show what a lying cocksucker this president and his minions are.

And the only things worse than those evil cockjugglers are the inbred cracker, god-fearing morons who STILL VOTE FOR THESE ASSHOLES!!

So, what can one do about such idiocy and rancid evil? Well, a revolution seems in order.

I say we do not follow the request of this idiotic pack of lemmings/sea lampreys.

The answer is simple: do not buy shit for a month.

That is right. Americans are becoming fat, dumbed-down consumer pod-people. We engorge ourselves on the belief that if we buy it, things will be a-okay.

So, other than food, do not buy that extra DVD, iPod, or whatever.

Hold off for a month.

Get a grip on some sense of common sense and your wallet.

Because that is all these fuckers understand: money. Moola. The cheese. Etc.

So hit them where it hurts. Read a book to your kid. Actually, take your fat ass to the gym. Stop listening to that drooling moron Bill O'Reilly and his falafel-stuffing ass and send a message:


Now, I will get off my soapbox and shove a gas pump up Dick Cheney's ass as I devour his still-beating black heart.

Because God wills it and all...


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Anonymous token commented at 3:14 AM~  

He left out, "Shut the 9-11 up!"

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