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Friday, September 15, 2006

Super Happy Fun Time Courtesy of the Spawn of Zombie

You can always tell when school has started back up. No, it's not the slight chill of winter-to-come in the air, nor the start of the leaves fading to brown.

No, you can always tell when school has started back up because your 1st grader with the big brown eyes will come home bearing plague.

So now I am once again having a bout of Ebola. My son sniffled for two days and got over it, but whenever he gets the sniffles (or my daughter, for that matter), I will immediately catch it, and upon it hitting my bloodstream, it will mutate and morph into the Ebola, and then I am well and truly fucked.

Pay no attention to that shivering wretch in the corner. Tis only a fevered Zombie, desperately clinging to her white blood cells for salvation.

Unfortunately, it appears that I have the immune system of a something with no immune system, so those white blood cells I figuratively clutch to my heaving bosom for relief aren't actually plural.

I think I only have one.

I've named him Bob.

And Bob appears to be having a bit of a lie down at the moment. If I am lucky, he will wake up and his kung fu will be strong, because I don't really want to be sick right now. I have too much shit to do.


I just got done sprawling on the floor and watching The Constant Gardener. I suppose it was all right and very pretty to look at, but it didn't come close to being as awesome as the book. I really loved that book. You should read it.


So tired. Time to sleep.

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