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Friday, October 06, 2006

El Bastardo Comments on Republican Fucktards Who Try to Cover Up Their Pedophilic Brethren and Blame It on the Media

Okay, How can ANY of you not know what has transpired in the last week.

I am, of course, speaking of the Distinguished Gentleman from Florida, Mark Foley.

O RLY? r u seriose? it wuz THIS BIG???// OMG WTF STFU!!!!111eleventy

I will not delve into all the gory details (mainly because, every day, new ones come out).

No, I will instead discuss the real fuckwittery that is taking place behind Congressman "Foley Erect."

I am talking about the finger-pointing, lying, complete and utter pathetic bullshit that is spewing forth from the mouths of all the Republican, like a shit engorged Mt. St. Helens.

First Example: Denny "Fatboy" Hastert, the Speaker of the House.

Yesterday, he held a press conference in which he "apologized" and said we will get to the bottom of this...BUT!!...and I shit you not, all of this is the "vast left-wing conspiracy of the media and the Clinton press-machine."

In other words, Hastert was saying, "Yes. Okay. We had a pedophile in our Congress. Yes, we knew about him for years. Yes, we asked him to run for re-election, knowing all this...BUT! it would not be this bad if the MEDIA HAD NOT BLABBED ABOUT IT!"

Now, I do not care who you are. That is what he said. Like it or not. If you think there is a vast conspiracy that made Mr. Foley chase after teenage boys, I have some land on Mars I'd like to sell you.

Now, how do I know for sure Hastert and his co-horts KNEW about Foley and his little...hobbies?

Well, let us go over the facts of the matter here, boys and girls:

FACT #1: GOP staff, working for Speaker Denny Hastert, warned the page class of 2001-2002 to stay away from Foley - five years ago.

FACT #2: Former Chief of Staff to GOP Rep. Tom Reynolds, Kirk Fordham, says he warned Hastert's Chief of Staff about Foley's behavior three years ago. Whether or not you believe Fordham, his testimony is consistent with the other facts showing that the Republicans knew about Foley's behavior long before last week. Oh, and he claims he now has a paper trail to prove it.

FACT #3: Both Reps. John Boehner, the Republican House Majority Leader, and Tom Reynolds both say they told Dennis Hastert personally about the Foley issue months ago. Hastert says Boehner is lying. So, apparently, one of the two most powerful Republicans in the House is lying about an investigation into a child sex predator. That deserves a separate investigation right there, folks.

FACT #4: Hastert's staff was informed of the Foley emails a year ago, but Hastert would like us to believe his staff simply never told him that a member of Congress, a member of his leadership team, was under investigation for preying sexually on young children - children who Hastert was responsible for.

And finally, there is one glaring fact none of you fucks who support these morons can deny, FACT #5: Hastert and his ilk, KNOWING about Foley and his...likes, made him the Chairman Head for the Safety of Children. The irony of that would be funny, if it were not such a serious issue.

So, there you have it. Hastert would like to lay blame on the Democrats and the media for exposing the fact he covered for a child predator.

I challenge any right-wingnut fuckwit to defend this. I have read other blogs and these morons follow 'Fat Bastard' Hastert like some lemming heading for a cliff.

But I do not mind. I hope Hastert does NOT step down. Because, frankly, he and his brethren of evil fuck-ups are the gift that keeps on giving.

So, now, I sit back and watch morons like Rush, Hannity, and Drudge pathetically go out and claim that the boys "egged Foley on!"

The more idiots that comment on this, the more they hang themselves. And, maybe, for once, we can have a semi-clean legislative branch of government.

And now, when people ask me, "Well, EB, if you hate them so much, why don't you run for Congress?" I can simply tell them, "I would...but...I do not like teenage boys. Nor am I willing to learn."

What a bunch of fucking morons.

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Anonymous token commented at 8:43 AM~  

OMG! I can't hardly get over this whole thing. It is just so fucking amazing! There, I said it. This beats every other "scandal" hands down.

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