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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Am Be Zombie Radio

So I thought I'd take a moment to just introduce you all to some excellent songs I've come across this week.

We'll start with a video clip from Da Ali G Show, featuring the well-loved Khazak, Borat. This clip is from his country music adventure - which is hilarious in its entirety, and can be found here.

The bits leading up to the part I am posting involve Borat going to a country and western dancing class and proceeding to teach the unwitting class members how to do a traditional Khazak dance, which contains moves like "beat the gypsy" and "walk like the homosexual."

The crowning moment of this sketch, though, is the following (and you must watch video or else I be execute):

I LOVE THAT. I love that so much, I wish I could marry it. I love it because Americans are DUMB and actually sing along with him. Note the one woman that pantomimes horns on her head when Borat sings "You must grab him by his horns," like you would mime "Little Bunny Foofoo" to a kindergarten class. This is classic.

Everybody now! Throw the Jew down the well! So my country can be free!

If you aren't familiar with Ali G, you might perhaps live under a rock, but he is a British Jew comedian, and his real name is Sacha Baron Cohen. He does the Borat character, as well as a homosexual character named Bruno. He interviews people and is generally fucking hilarious. That Borat bit above just beats all, though.

Now, this next video is very special to me. I found it via the lovely SJ over at I, Asshole and cannot stop beholding its magnificence. EB is going to probably lock me in a closet for showing this to other people, as he was absolutely appalled by it and thought it sounded like a parrot being anally-raped. Which is actually an apt comparison, so I have to give a "hey, big pimpin'!" to him for that, even if he does not share my love for it.

Now you must behold:

I KNOW! How fucking cool is this guy? It's so bizarre, I cannot look away. I find myself sneaking back to I, Asshole to view it again and again and again. It has come to the point where I now know when...that coming and I start chanting "HERE IT COMES!! HERE IT COMES!! YES!!!!" before I collapse into hysterical laughter. And it never gets old.

This is a dude named Vitas, who is apparently a Latvian-born pop-singer that is quite the sensation in Russia and also quickly taking China by storm. Well, he has won ME over, I can tell you. I am simultaneously cracked-up and appalled each time I watch this video.

I particularly enjoy the mugging he does for the crowd - nice use of the eyebrow, dude. Also, the ice cream man meets lounge singer outfit is a great touch - subtle, yet refined. Well done there. Well done, indeed.

But...that the craziest thing EVAR.

Dig on some more Vitas. If you can handle the beats he's layin' down, that is.

I wish I knew what the Chinese subtitles that pop up when he's making...that noise...actually say. And I like the hooded orchestra and the people sitting on the bleachers performing The Wave as if they have all been slipped a roofie or two or seventeen.

You know you love me.

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Anonymous token commented at 3:15 AM~  

I'm watching this and I am seeing Tom Cruise. And I ain't meaning that in a good way. He's freaking me out, like Tom Cruise. Ach!

Blogger Locke commented at 9:03 AM~  

That stole just a little bit of my soul that I can never get back...

Now I must go watch it again.

Blogger Zombie commented at 11:32 AM~  

Yeah, sorry about that. I never remember to take the whole soul thing into consideration on account of how I don't have one.

But I am thinking about writing Vitas a letter, asking him if I can please come wear a grim reaper suit and play the triangle in his band.

Blogger Locke commented at 1:53 PM~  

He has videos all over youtube! Oh. My. Gawd. I can't drag myself away and it's all your fault....

Blogger Zombie commented at 2:48 PM~  

I am teh win!

Okay, sorry about that. Really.

Okay, not really.

*smiles serenely*

Anonymous mary commented at 10:30 PM~  

I had to give a cat an enema at work today. It sounded like Vitas.

Blogger Zombie commented at 7:48 PM~  

See there, people? That's the beauty of Vitas. He transcends all walks of life and speaks to all people. Regardless of occupation, everyone can find something in Vitas' work that they can relate to. For Nico, it's cat enemas. For me, it's dolphin-speak.

I still want to play the triangle in his band. Wearing a grim reaper suit.


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