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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Things Zombie Hates Loves Thursday

Something very strange has happened.

Today, I can't hate.

You see, in light of this week's awesome elections here in the United States of Duhmerica, I'm just full of the happy. I know, I know. So odd!

I've decided that I will just post a short list of things that I love, in no particular order, instead of my usual constant stream of invective.


1.) Rummy resigned.

2.) Santorum is OUT, baby!

3.) Allen went DOWN, motherfucker!

4.) The look of pure anguish mixed with homicidal rage that Bush was trying to suppress while announcing Rumsfeld's resignation during the press conference yesterday afternoon.

5.) The following photo:


After all, where would we be without a little dog and pony show? That little girl looks too old to be clutching a dolly wearing a matching dress when her father trots her out on stage to publicly display her adolescent grief. Also, what do you think that boy is staring at with such terror? Did he just realize that his last name is now synonymous with an icky by-product of anal sex? Thanks, Dad!

6.) South Dakota voters overturned the abortion ban bill.

7.) I can't hear you over all the liberty.

And last, but not least...

8.) Stephen Colbert calling the election.



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