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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Don't We Love to Turn Our Little Blue World Upside Down?

Most of you probably already know this, but Skippy's father passed away on the 17th.

He wrote about this, which you can read here.

Skippy has been my best friend for many years. He has been with me through some of the roughest times in my life - times I did not think I could keep my head up, and, indeed, times I wasn't sure I wanted to keep my head up.

We all have those times, to be sure, and it is not unique or special - but not all of us have a Skippy hanging around, pushing us along when we need it, supporting us and hollering at us when necessary.

And I know I am lucky in that regard - to have a friend so good, to have a friend so there.

I did not know Skippy's dad, except in passing comments (he thought I have great hair, and, well, this is obviously indicative of his great learning and smarty smartpantsness), but I do know one thing: Skippy's father had a huge role in making Skippy the person he is today - the person that has always been there for me when I've needed someone these past years.

A father that had such a hand in the making of such a person was a great man, indeed, and I am grateful to him, in my own little way.

It is with this in mind that I think a fitting tribute to his passing would be to take a brief moment (or longer, if necessary) to appreciate the Skippys we have in our lives, as I am doing now, and as I have been doing since I heard the news Sunday afternoon.

And, more importantly, let them know we appreciate them, that they help make us who we are, and that, for that, we are grateful.

We need to let those that are important to us - those that care for us and we care for in return - know about it.

If we don't tell them, who will?

If you are not fortunate enough to have your own Skippy, please head over to the Original and Best Skippy's blog and offer him your condolences. I know he could use the kind words right now.

Thank you.

PS - Man, I sure can bring the sap when I want to, can't I?

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Anonymous token commented at 2:42 PM~  

You did that really well, Zombie. I'm proud of you.

Blogger Zombie commented at 4:39 AM~  

Thank you, Cyn. :-)

Blogger skippystalin commented at 8:00 PM~  

You sure can bring the sap. And it was beautiful.

Thank you so much, Miss Zombie. You're a very, very good girl.

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